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A Letter From the Bishop on the War in Ukraine
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Over the past several days, Russia has invaded Ukraine and is working to remove its government from power to replace it with its own. The actions of the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, are unprovoked, the conflict is bloody, and the hostile takeover is one being protested by many nations throughout Europe and the entire world ...

Lent 2022

A time of repentance, reflection and renewal has been practiced by Christians as a 40-day season (excluding Sundays) from the fourth century to the present day. Lent had its roots in baptismal preparation, fasting before celebration of Easter, and renewed baptismal commitment for those who had fallen away from the faith. This booklet offers short, to-the-point devotions that do not take much time so that you may find joy in the simple Lenten discipline of daily devotions.

NALC is Hiring
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As we continue to work on establishing a Continental Office in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, we are looking for gifted people to serve in full time positions. These positions will be in DFW and are full time with benefits.

Devoted to Prayer
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We have launched our new two-year daily prayer and reading calendar, Devoted to Prayer. After a challenging year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been provided with a unique opportunity to revitalize the ancient practice of daily prayer and Scripture reading in our homes. While the Reading the Word of God three-year lectionary provided a much-needed and refreshing calendar for our congregations to engage in Scripture reading, this calendar includes a missing component of daily devotion: prayer.

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