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The NALC depends on the generosity of our congregations and individual members for the support of our operations and ministries. We are truly thankful for your generous support.

All gifts to the North American Lutheran Church can be either made online or mailed to our lockbox at the address below. Before mailing your donation, please review the “Instructions for Mailed Donations.”

North American Lutheran Church
PO Box 860565
Minneapolis, MN 55486-0565

The NALC is an “association of churches” within the meaning of §508(c)(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code and has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Your contributions are fully tax-deductible.

Instructions for Mailed Donations

To ensure timely and accurate processing, here are some guidelines for how checks should be written:

  1. Checks should be payable to North American Lutheran Church or NALC. Do not include a fund name (such as NALS or Great Commission Fund) on the payee line.
  2. Use the memo line to indicate a specific fund. If you leave the memo line blank, your gift will be deposited to the Operating (General) Fund.
  3. Specific fund options are listed below under “Giving Opportunities.”
  4. It is more efficient to use a separate check for each fund. Multiple checks for the various funds may be sent in the same envelope to save postage. If you send a single check with allocations for multiple funds, please complete the Donation Allocation Form and enclose it with your check. (You can access the form by clicking on the text “Donation Allocation Form.”)
  5. All correspondence sent to the lockbox with checks will be scanned and available for review by NALC staff.

Please note that if you are sending correspondence without a check or a check for payment of travel reimbursements, candidacy application fees or other non-donation items, those payments should be mailed to the Innsbruck Drive address. The lockbox processing is for donations only. Please contact Anne Gleason, financial administrator, or Joan Corniea, financial assistant, at 888-551-7254 or 651-633-6004 with any questions regarding this process.

Giving Opportunities

Funds for the annual operations of the NALC are primarily provided by benevolence gifts from our member congregations, but individuals are encouraged to contribute as well.  These funds support a range of NALC activities, including outreach to congregations considering joining the NALC and assistance to congregations and pastors in the candidacy and call processes, as well as the NALC’s missions, ministry and operations staff.

Donations by check should be payable to “North American Lutheran Church” or “NALC” and mailed to the address above.

Donate online to the NALC Operating (General) Fund

This fund supports the missions and evangelism ministries of the NALC as we live out our commitment to be a Mission-Driven church.  Grants from the fund are made for four primary purposes: (1) planting new mission congregations, (2) revitalizing and renewing existing NALC congregations, (3) training, support and continuing education of missional leaders, and (4) support for international missionaries and projects.

Donations by check should be payable to “North American Lutheran Church” or “NALC” with “Great Commission Fund” noted on the memo line.

Donate online to the Great Commission Fund

The NALC seeks to ensure the availability of faithful Lutheran theological education for its pastors, prospective pastors and laypeople. These efforts are centered on the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS), which provides seminary education for candidates for pastoral ministry in the NALC through a hub center in Pennsylvania and with partner institutions across North America. The NALC also provides scholarships and other programming for its seminarians, supports theological conferences and seminars, and encourages continuing education for both pastors and educators.

You can direct your financial support to the North American Lutheran Seminary, you can specify your gifts for seminarian scholarships, or you can simply ask that your donations be used wherever the need is greatest.

North American Lutheran Seminary

The North American Lutheran Seminary is the center of the NALC’s theological education initiatives. In partnership with other faithful institutions, the NALS offers a rigorous program of preparation for pastoral ministry grounded in the Lutheran confessional tradition and the Core Values of the NALC. Your donations support the operation of the NALS and its extensive educational programming for the future pastors of the North American Lutheran Church.

Donations by check should be payable to “North American Lutheran Church” or “NALC” with “North American Lutheran Seminary” noted on the memo line.

Donate online to the North American Lutheran Seminary

Seminarian Scholarships

Your donations permit the NALC to offer need-based scholarships to candidates for ordained ministry in the NALC who are enrolled in approved degree programs through the North American Lutheran Seminary system.

Donations by check should be payable to “North American Lutheran Church” or “NALC” with “Seminarian Scholarships” noted on the memo line.

Donate online to the Seminarian Scholarships

Areas of Greatest Need

Unrestricted giving allows NALS and NALC leadership to act quickly to seize opportunities as they arise and meet unexpected needs. These funds are also used for other theological education initiatives, such as conferences and seminars, discernment retreats and continuing education.

Donations by check should be payable to “North American Lutheran Church” or “NALC” with “General Theological Education” noted on the memo line.

Donate online to General Theological Education

This fund provides resources to respond rapidly when domestic natural disasters occur, to alleviate human suffering, provide transitional assistance, and enable those affected to begin the rebuilding process. The NALC’s Disaster Response Coordinator administers the use of the fund, working cooperatively with and through local NALC congregations and members, as well as other compatible disaster relief organizations such as LCMS Disaster Response.

Please note: This fund is for domestic disasters only. Gifts for international disaster relief should be directed to Lutheran World Relief (LWR.org) or the international relief organization of your choice.

Donations by check should be payable to “North American Lutheran Church” or “NALC” with “Disaster Response Fund” noted on the memo line.

Donate online to the Disaster Response Fund

The NALC Executive Council has established the John Bradosky Fund for Life-to-Life Discipleship as a way to recognize and give thanks for the ministry of Bishop Bradosky. The Executive Council intends to create an ongoing scholarship fund that will assist pastors and congregations interested in becoming involved in Life-to-Life Discipleship.

Donations by check should be payable to “North American Lutheran Church” or “NALC” with “John Bradosky Fund for Life-to-Life Discipleship” noted on the memo line.

Donate online to the John Bradosky Fund for Life-to-Life Discipleship

To donate to the Women of the NALC, please visit their website.

Visit the WNALC Website to donate

Planned Giving and Bequests

Some members and friends of the NALC are choosing to provide for the long-term support of their church through provisions in their wills.  Such gifts, called “bequests,” permit the donor to identify and support those ministries which best reflect his or her values and beliefs.  Should you wish to make a bequest for the support of the NALC in your will, the following is sample language which you can use:

[specify dollar amount or a percentage of the estate’s residual value] to the North American Lutheran Church, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation located at 2655 Innsbruck Drive, Suite A, New Brighton MN 55112-9304, for the benefit of [the general operating fund of the North American Lutheran Church] OR [specific fund or ministry]

If you have further questions, feel free to contact the NALC Treasurer.