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A body of believers committed to increasing our mission outreach and congregational multiplication efforts

Component Lead: Pastor Gemechis Buba (Pastor Phil Gagnon, Jenny Brockman, Pastor Brad Hales)
Goal: Engagement of every NALC congregation in active and proactive outreach efforts by 2022

Every congregation is challenged to be in relationship with at least one local, global and domestic mission effort.

We will have 45 new mission starts by 2022, and this is included in challenges to deans for each mission district. Congregations are encouraged to consider a new mission start in their area.

We are planning a provision of resources for mission district deans and/or congregations to assist them in achieving this goal.

We will raise awareness, train and intentionally equip our congregations for international mission. This includes: (1) assisting our pastors and congregations in their aspiration of global outreach, learning and relationship building, (2) working with ministry partners to raise up global workers and partner with those already in the field, (3) working through our relationships and partners — assisting and providing teaching and preaching ministries in international settings, and (4) facilitating a relationship with the NALC, NALS and Leadstar to train 25,000 leaders for the sake of the Gospel in the next 10 years.

Component Lead

[vckit_team_member member_style=”layout01″ member_name=”The Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba” member_role=”Assistant to the Bishop for Missions” member_social=”%5B%7B%22network%22%3A%22none%22%7D%5D” tutorial=”” member_ava=”27790″]

Component Support

[vckit_team_member member_style=”layout01″ member_name=”The Rev. Phillip Gagnon” member_role=”Assistant to the Bishop for Domestic Mission & Discipleship” member_social=”%5B%7B%22network%22%3A%22none%22%7D%5D” tutorial=”” member_ava=”40127″]
[vckit_team_member member_style=”layout01″ member_name=”The Rev. Brad Hales” member_role=”Director of Renewal Ministries” member_social=”%5B%7B%22network%22%3A%22none%22%7D%5D” tutorial=”” member_ava=”27783″]
[vckit_team_member member_style=”layout01″ member_name=”Jenny Brockman” member_role=”Assistant for Missions” member_social=”%5B%7B%22network%22%3A%22none%22%7D%5D” tutorial=”” member_ava=”31421″]