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A denomination in which every congregation receives regular and consistent pastoral support

Component Lead: Pastor David Wendel (Pastor Phil Gagnon, Mission District Deans and the Commission on Theology & Doctrine)
Goal: Pastoral support for every congregation by the end of 2021

The goal includes having active ordained pastors serving in multiple parishes, as well as retired pastors serving in part-time and shorter-term roles.

We will investigate and encourage partnerships with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) and Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) congregations when possible.

We will request a theological framework from the Commission on Theology & Doctrine by spring 2021 that allows us to: (1) provide models for alternative worship and training of lay leaders (identified by congregations) to serve in Word and Sacrament ministry, (2) consider a diaconal ministry and/or licensed lay ministry to support this vision component, and (3) train for both preaching and administering of the Sacraments as equally important.

We will explore options to provide additional employment for pastors serving in new starts and/or tent-making ministries.

Component Lead

The Rev. Dr. David Wendel
The Rev. Dr. David Wendel

Assistant to the Bishop for Ministry & Ecumenism

Component Support

The Rev. Phillip Gagnon
The Rev. Phillip Gagnon

Assistant to the Bishop for Domestic Mission & Discipleship