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A strategy for continental restructuring able to expand with denominational growth

Component Lead: Pastor Mark Chavez (NALC Staff, Executive Council Sub-Team and Mission District Deans)
Goal: Review recommended restructuring strategy and commit to a comprehensive restructuring effort by no later than the 2021 Convocation

Before committing to the addition of regional staff and/or bishops, we will consider an expanded, limited and authorized use of mission district deans for similar purposes.

Our restructuring approach will include clear responsibilities and limitations, and authority will be well-defined and well-communicated.

Consideration will be given to larger geographic regions, including multiple mission districts, in which one of the deans, selected by the bishop, in consultation with the regional pastors and deans, would serve in a more expanded role as a direct extension of the bishop’s office.

If restructuring includes additional regional staff and/or a dean-at-large for a region, the title for the position(s) will be consistent with the actual responsibilities assigned. Nominees for each region will be offered by the mission districts in those regions. Final selection of additional staffing support, if needed, will be determined by the NALC bishop and Executive Council and/or by the regions. We will begin with part-time responsibilities and, as appropriate, limited compensation, expanding the structure as needed. One size may not fit every mission district and/or region.

Component Lead

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