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A communications strategy focused on forming identity, unity and testimony across our church body

Component Lead: Deacon Andrew Ames Fuller (Madeline Benson and NALC Communications Team)
Goal: Identify, train and resource communication specialists in every mission district, ministry, committee and vision component of the NALC by August 2023

Identity: We see a continued emphasis on developing and communicating our unique identity and values as a confessional Lutheran church in 21st century North America. To that end, we will create an identity document and brand guidelines to encourage consistent messaging about the NALC and its Core Values by January 2021.

Unity: We see an increased level of unity and affinity between our ministries, mission districts, congregations and parishioners across the continent. To that end, we will build a communications hub to ensure unity and streamlined communications processes by August 2021.

Testimony: We see an increased flow of the testimony and proclamation of God at work and congregations engaging in mission in their communities. To that end, we will use current best practices to upgrade our primary communications streams (NALC News, website, emails, social media), making them more expansive and participative across the continent by August 2022.

Component Lead

[vckit_team_member member_style=”layout01″ member_name=”The Rev. Andrew Ames Fuller” member_role=”Director of Communications” member_social=”%5B%7B%22network%22%3A%22none%22%7D%5D” tutorial=”” member_ava=”40169″]

Component Support

[vckit_team_member member_style=”layout01″ member_name=”Maddie Benson” member_role=”Communications Specialist” member_social=”%5B%7B%22network%22%3A%22none%22%7D%5D” tutorial=”” member_ava=”31423″]