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A denomination in which our international and ecumenical relationships strengthen our shared commitment to the Great Commission, the Great Commandments and the Church catholic, and which enhance our partnership on the congregational level

Component Lead: Pastor David Wendel (Bishop Dan Selbo and Pastor Mark Chavez)
Goal: Review our current international and ecumenical relationships and clarify the goals for each of our partnership commitments by the end of 2021

We will review and evaluate the purpose and goals for each of our international and ecumenical partnerships.

We will identify specific strategies to strengthen our international and ecumenical partnerships as they relate to this vision component.

We will remain committed to international and ecumenical partnerships that lead to jointly committed and Christ-honoring action steps, consistent with this vision component.

We will evaluate and continue to develop our role as a leader in the international and ecumenical community in ways consistent with this vision component.

Component Lead

[vckit_team_member member_style=”layout01″ member_name=”The Rev. Dr. David Wendel” member_role=”Assistant to the Bishop for Ministry & Ecumenism” member_social=”%5B%7B%22network%22%3A%22none%22%7D%5D” tutorial=”” member_ava=”31416″]

Component Support

[vckit_team_member member_style=”layout01″ member_name=”The Rev. Mark Chavez” member_role=”General Secretary” member_social=”%5B%7B%22network%22%3A%22none%22%7D%5D” tutorial=”” member_ava=”38185″]